A Bird Walk, on the Woodseats allotment site was led by Chris Brammer and attended by 12 society members that included plot holders and home gardeners. Chris is a knowledgeable RSPB member and experienced guide.
The walk began at the Woodseats Allotment Hub with hot drinks and home-made cakes.
At the Hub plot the group watched, listened and observed. The first birds to be spotted were the long tailed tits at the feeder and blue tits were taking an interest in the bird box. image of a tree creeperThere were tree creepers in the river area and they then went into a nearby shed. We heard and later saw the chiffchaff and 14 other species of birds.
We shared information about bird song identifying Apps Merlin and Birdnet  The group walked through the Perriwood site to the pond which is fed by the stream and where kingfishers have been spotted in the past. However there was only a moorhen and we heard the nuthatch. 

Image of a nuthatch bird

Some reflections on the session ... ...

The bird talk/walk was a really sociable way to spend a couple of hours. We learned a lot of new information for example to stop feeding birds sunflower seeds and fat balls now as fledglings need to be eating caterpillars. 
We had a lovely walk round our site with everyone chatting about birds and gardening. I also learned several new bird facts, found out how to use bird sond recognition App and saw the pond for the very first time. 
19:40, 07 Apr 2024 by Angela Sanders